Henry Osborn
Bikesforjapan partner with TUV Rheinland to deliver another 70 bikes to Ishinomaki

On Sunday June 5, Bikesforjapan delivered another 70 bikes to Kadonowaki Junior High School (Ishinomaki), Minato Junior High School (Ishinomaki), and Tohoku Christ Church (Kurokawa-gun). (Driving through flooded streets in Ishinomaki)(Offloading bikes at Minato Junior High School)

(Lining up the bikes at Minato Junior High School)


(Bikes delivered to Tohoku Christ Church, Kurokawa-gun)This time the Bikesforjapan crew was supported by a team from TUV Rheinland (http://www.tuv.com/jp/japan/home_4.jsp). Dietmar Gierlich and Hajime Saito, who work with TUV Rheinland Japan, devoted their weekend to Bikesforjapan and drove up to Sendai with us in TUV’s company truck, carrying 50 bikes in the convoy. TUV Rheinland have very kindly pledged to support our activities moving forward, and will play a key role in completing the delivery of the remaining kid’s bikes we have collected. Our deepest thanks go to Hajime and Dietmar, and the folks at TUV for so kindly offering their partnership to Bikesforjapan.  (Dietmar and Hajime, TUV Rheinland with Hiroki, Bikesforjapan)

(TUV Rheinland’s truck)This delivery to Ishinomaki was initiated by Yoshie Sherrif (http://freetohoku.blogspot.com/), who contacted Bikesforjapan in May. Yoshie has been leading a group volunteer program from Abiko in Chiba, to collect and transport critical supplies up to the town of Ishinomaki since early March. The work she has has done and the support she has gathered around herself are an inspiration for us all. Bikesforjapan are honoured to have been able to support her activities.  We completed the final leg of our trip by making a delivery to Tohoku International School in Miyagi-ken, where we dropped off supplies including soccer balls and rucksacks donated by folks at the Yokota Middle School. This trip was made possible by the funding we received from Battery Park City Cares in May. THANK YOU again Battery Park City, New York!!  (Teachers at Minato Junior High School)Very best,HenryBikesforjapan

J-Wave: DJ Taro and Ai Yasuda talk Bikesforjapan!

Wednesday April 27th: Former NFL San Fransisco 49ers cheerleader Ai Yasuda (http://blog.excite.co.jp/aicheeron) and two of her cheerleading friends Maki Ishida (SF 49ers - http://ameblo.jp/cheermaki/) and Kaoruko Horiike (Denver Broncos - http://www.plus-blog.sportsnavi.com/kaocheersbroncos/) were hosted for a 90 minute session by DJ Taro on J-Wave’s “Hello World” program. Ai discussed Bikesforjapan’s activities towards the end of their session!

Please take a look at J-Wave’s HP: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/14308588 for full length footage of the interview and look out for the chat about Bikesforjapan around the 1hour 30 minutes mark :-)

Many thanks to Ai and DJ Taro!